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what are

the Integrus success circles..?



Professional, Ambitious and Successful
Success Circles is a diverse circle of business professionals. At each meeting, we have a limited number of guest.  Each Circle has a maximum of 10 members.  They meet every two weeks. All members agree to confidentiality within the room to ensure that information can be shared freely in the meeting.

A structured program
At Integrus our collective experience has created many inspirational and practical sessions for success in life and business. These include our unique 90-day planning, our Profit Circle, our Success Masterminding format and our targeted special interest sessions for success in life and business.

Implementation Included 
Tt Integrus we are passionate about implementation. So many times in the past we have gone to great inspiring sessions where we have had zero time to implement anything. Then life gets in the way and the opportunity is lost. At Success Circles, we include implementation time so that at the very least you can make a start and have a plan to implement the learning.

Inspirational Learning
The sessions always include an Inspiration Learning session, delivered by one of our Accredited Consultants or an external Keynote Speaker

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success is not the key to happiness.
happiness is the key to success.

Peter Sylvester
Founding Partner | Integrus Global


a positive mindset will always open up your opportunities


The future is
yours to create 


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The Integrus Academy

Sit the Integrus Academy and receive regular Consulting support to help you learn the 12 Keys to Success™ - to improve your business and yourself

What is the Academy..?
Success Circles

Our fortnightly mastermind sessions will help you apply the knowledge that you have learned in the Academy - and you can build supportive relationships with like-minded professionals

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Located in multiple locations across Australia, Malaysia, Angola, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Columbia, Mexico and the USA, our team of certified consultants are there to help guide you through the Integrus flagship programme - the 12 Keys to Success™

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